So S Class collectibles are the new way to not show odds

So back in the day they never used to show the odds of pulling a promo and everyone got tired of it. Well flash forward to today with the new S Class they post the odds to get the collectables but never tell you how many you can get or the highest amount that can drop. Just says ie: 40% Collection items. So this is there way of disguising the amounts not being disclosed. That new offer is basically 600 and you still arent guaranteed to get the toon. There are no digital pixels worth half of my house payment. Scopley you have to get back on your meds


Everyone knows the odds. The odds are shit. Secret been out for years.

Yeah I have a 40% chance at 13 bullets lol

the odds is secret becouse you dont know how many ammo you get per collection pull

That’s my point it’s just another way for them to disguise the fact they are hiding the odds. I’ve never seen so many ridiculous amounts 33 here 15 there 23 if those are the drops these S Class could cost thousands.

from 1 to up to 70

That’s pathetic

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