So roughly 400 Blue Supreme Crates opened = 0 coins ... REALLY!?!?

Same lol almost every weapon is perfect and i have many stuns, etc. :thinking:

Occiasionally we get thrown a bone lol i got the 16500 coins from coin gate once and did pull diego from the war wheel. they are my 2 best pulls in 4 years

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i saw one other thing that made me think this is true.

Remember a few weeks a go lots of people got locked out for war and scopley said that it seemed to be certain accounts that ended in XXX that were affected. To me as a programmer that kind of says that something different is being done with those account in the coding. Can be wrong, but you would think all accounts would be affected


Ran the crossbone map 12 times. Out of all the crates only benedicts, and two lots of mods

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Their programmed “luck” is not evenly distributed to the whole player base. There are people who can pull several of the same OP promos and others who will not pull any promo in years literally. That people get some old Gen1 toon once in awhile doesn’t help but they will say oh look we gave you an ascendable. I would love it if an independent data analyst checks the coding behind of all of this. Online poker sites have to let check their software as well, why not applying the same standards to Skopelie?! :wink:


I have no lucks on pulls… ever. Did manage to get two lots of 20k coins tho. Worked for it hard, earned supreme crates on 4 different regions and got Piper on two of them. Free to play.

Also has a friend pull 3 x 20k. He is so clueless i had to explain to him all the shortcuts to finish missions etc… he is no way a spender

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3 regions, 150 crates, 147 with Beni, 3 with mods, 0 gold… :weary:
I did not count on coins (though I would not mind to get them), benny I was quite satisfied…
P.S. But with the RNG and ID 100% is not all clean… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Check about “pity timer” which some games utilise.

this is what was used in the “1 5* in 40 pulls era”

Probably they left it for certain accounts, or messed up with the coding. Pulling 20k coins 3/4 times should be statistically close to 0. Yet, quite a few people were lucky. 5 faction mates pulled x3 and one x4 :man_shrugging:


do u think scopely, who cant send coins to people with timeframes, have bugs in hordes, war terrorties, have events with bugs, cant program roadmaps to start on time, are able to program code so that if you spend more they get more and better pulls !

I reckon some overseas worker tosses a coin when someone starts and u get either good drops or bad drops schedule, nothing too awesome

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Geez Clemo your account is worse than mine🤗

Mine’s stupidly bad, i should have quit right after michonne head debacle. My best mate got me into this game and he quit within 3 weeks of downloading it, how stupid do i feel.

@Easy_Street used to think i was lucky lmao


8 bones, 3x mods the rest all bennys


Thats the same as me, friend at work was like ive found a good walking dead game. He quit and im still here.

Should i hate him lol


10 bones, 1 set mod, 1 20k coin, the coin got me all 4* and a dupe 5*, no ascendable toon per usual, like skull gate I think I got over 50k coin and all 4 * and about dozen dupes 5*

I also was able pull 6 Kal from the two war wheels with him.

So yeah lovely codes my account has, even when I have a little luck I really don’t, 20k coin turned into depot markers as usual. I have 400k depot markers :anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished:


Yes … if you hit this criteria the proper actions are defendable

Prestige 9 - Tip a coffee mug of warm to tepid liquid on his Lap at the start of the working day
Prestige 10 - Call Carol in HR and say the said plaintiff was abusing his position of power during office hours
Prestige 11 - Sign multiple invoices under his name for petty cash transactions and get him summons to represent
Prestige 12 - Call Carol in HR and explain there was a me-too component within your said plaintiffs actions
Prestige 13 - Destroy him and his family and his job because hes off playing angry birds for free whilst you have to explain to your wife and kids why the disney world trip has been postponed until Blue Priya leaves the promo wheel


my 7 yellow Kal’s tip their hat *(bandana) off to you

my 2nd ACC recently ascended Blue Leader Maggie (for points) 2 days ago, just got her as a 6* pull in the wheel … so its safe to say acc2 is slowly catching up with acc1 with dupes and how getting them as soon as u use up asc tokens

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haha im prestige 12. good job he doesnt work here anymore or id of been shooting him daggers every day and accidently spilling hot coffee on him.

most of the way to prestige 12 though is from login rewards and little purchases. i stopped spending big when i did 38k coins for HS michone and didnt get a 5 and then did 50-60 pulls for the michone head and didnt get it. then saw the lucky dude in my fac get 2 heads on his first 2 pulls. man i was so angry lol

Yep, thats what done me in, seeing the rank 1 & 2 players get the head within the first couple of pulls.

We used to joke that they were employees who play the game and post those pics to show the items were attainable