So roughly 400 Blue Supreme Crates opened = 0 coins ... REALLY!?!?

How does one go about opening possibly 400 of these crates and still get none of the 20,000 coin rewards?

I’m telling you now, after EVERYTHING this game throws at constant unlucky players it might be time to seek some kind of action against this algorithm, this is beyond a joke now

context - skull tokens, maybe 200+ pulls, biggest pull 400 coins (once) 300 coins (once) myself and a lot of other players are starting to see a massive trend as you yourselves are releasing large amounts of opening chances and seeing the usual accounts pull the big prizes within around 5% of what the unlucky accounts are pulling … Typical BS all the time


Ive opened 200 crates, three times 20k coinz, and one double shot, 2x20k with one bone pull


110 crates. 2 with mods. 108 with benedicts


Odd thing is its the same lucky peeps that got then. Or multiple 20ks.

My roster is 2800/400. Dont need to farm now


Inb4 someone says “rng huehuehue”

It’s just your account was marked to have a very low % of getting that from events. Everything has its own % on top of the “real” %
Burt = worst item - you have lets say 90% to get this
10 burts = 2nd worst item - you have 5% to get this
Lilth = 3rd worst item - you have 4.5% to get this
10 lilths = best item - you have 0.5% to get this

While your fac mate has 10 lilths at 1% chance, etc.

Same thing applies to weapons, wheel pulls, etc. This is generated to your account code when you first start the game and increase and decreases happen over time, everythings monitored just like when you use your mod scraps and an offer pops up for mod scraps.

Remember i am just a tin foil hat wearing crazy person and this is all crazy talk and it is just rng bruh better luck next time keep surviving huehuehue :roll_eyes:


What did you guys figure the odds were of getting the coins? I figured less than 1 percent from the beginning I have sixty crates to open but I assume they are Benedicts so I am sitting on them for now

unlucky accounts keep getting unlucky because they know the poor b’stard will keep spending.

unfortunately i based my last hopes on this event, ive closed my amazon account with my cards and wont be re-attaching them … gonna be a lonely and grinding road but hopefully within time i just fizzle out from it all


Greetings fellow tinhatter!

Don’t worry, you’re among friends.



yep this is whats got me down with it all

same guy in my faction whos always had great luck with pulls get the 16,500 twice within 8 pulls on skulls, gets promos quite easily (As witnessed with skull premier pull milestone contributions) then he gets the 20k twice before even doing any contributions to faction milestones

and im seeing the same faces in line chats getting these coins/promos

this is very sad and dare i say it very unethical if there are certain codes manipulating accounts


Be happy that your roster is full of all those beautiful Benedict’s, Brady, Burt’s and more.

Merry Christmas :gift:

How did you get 40 crossbones? That doesn’t even sounds possible.


Multiple regions?
I opened 120 over 2 regions.
0 coins.
Where a couple faction mates who didn’t grind as much have had the 20k a couple times.
Great for them but as usual just makes me want to quit this constant sucky RNG BS
And the same faction mates constantly get a promo from a ten pull.
Me however haven’t pulled :poop: for months.


Notice how everytime i mention this my comment is f.lagged :slight_smile:


^^^^^ :thinking:

I have piper in 2 regions … very possible

plus i finished the 300 collections on all 3 items and bought the guaranteed crossbone offers NOT the chance bags … impossible for me to get lucky on any rng bags

I have more benedicts than i have toons …

im literally all maxed out on 90% of my roster

It isn’t the same lucky people who always pull promos. I didn’t get lucky with coins during SkullGate event nor in any other event. I got lucky this time with 2 x 20k crates. And yea I deserved them after all the grinding of the past 10 months though these coins didn’t give much helpful in return besides of 4 Gen1 ascendables 2 of them were the same.


I have one of those lucky accounts I get every weapon I try for…I got several of the premier toons over four months of having sc … Have gotten other premiers or even doubles once off a ten pull. Absolutely there are charmed accounts but still anybody that expected to get coins from those crates are out of touch with reality 150 Benedicts are a decent prize

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Try to save those Benedicts until most have used them in lvl up events. I know it’s damn difficult but yeah! :joy: