So rewards can be changed after an event starts

Good to know scopely. Feel bad for the people getting 1st place in SR and before the scopely knights come in, this was changed hours after SR had started, they can be changed during a live event. Something tells me someone at scopely is purposefully sabotaging them, i know it is easy to say “they are just incompetent” trust me or not but things are often done on purpose everyone. I called mods, s class, false odds, region transfers, etc and have called things months before they come out or are found out, i will call this here, many of the mess ups are being done on purpose. Do they uh oh somethings by accident? Yes. But a lot is done on purpose. Anyways hope no one used cans or bought cans for SR, i legit wanna cry for you if you did. :sob: keep surviving tho :man_shrugging:


But Scopely always says they cannot change a live event …


Wonder whats scopelys play here, do they leave it so they can say they cant change it and compensate people for the rewards? Do they leave it as is and say keep surviving opening the door for refunds if people spent to buy cans or coins for cans? Do they go against their “we cant change it after it goes live” and change it back? All in all i do know no matter what they will ignore mostly everything and everyone which ever path they choose

it’s fixed now. for the moment at least.

So they can be changed after an event goes live :smirk:

Once again they CAN change rewards during a live event.

My fac mate used 45-50 cans for top

Now we need to see what’s been knocked out.


Did I miss something? It was that reward for first when it started.

Then it was changed to this:


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