So , "Quick Fix" is possible also here

… You Devs show us that a Quick Fix is possible , You show us twice in a row in two consecutive gates and days (#trainer-gate , #wtfandrea-gate).

This is fantastic! Amazing! This is a huge improvement! Thanks @JB.Scopely and all the dev-team

So , now the question is… when You’ll suppose to fix bugs like :

  • Territories , that it’s present since the beginning of the feature
  • Reduce the impact of VK on the game (reduce CHEAT impact , @Dexter thanks)
  • Onslaught (everything…insert milestons , make it a “normal” event , it’s so boring)
  • insert moltiplicator on Depot to buy 100k food (as per bags You can buy with coins)
    What it is now :
    What we want :

To other users : please , insert just bugs they need to fix ASAP as they have given to us the proof they can do if they want.

If You can , leave this topic free of trash-messages as usually happened in all topics.



Insert what? Instructions unclear

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Doesn’t make them money

it is now clear?

You have forgotten the Wanderer gate and Pam Gate. :smirk:

how they can fix it now? i would like to have a recap of everything they need to fix , ASAP , because they can…

unless they make this a club benefit.

Absolutely right

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