So.. plans for peas?

I’m curious which of the three you are going for (Bryan, Princess, or Rose)

Personally I’m getting princess unless I happen to get lucky with the stash for an extra 1k peas.

Pretty sure you’ll get enough peas and carrots from the roadmaps


You will get enough from roadmap if they do it correctly and dont mess anything up. Im getting bryan but i would like princess also

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No, peas map runs for two days… the maps will probably stop two days before the end of the event. 1300 every two days run 10 times total is 13k (1k short of Bryan) so you would need to get peas from the stash. If they follow their typical schedules

Princess as I already have a hard hitting red which is jesus don’t have many good strongs though.

Okay we’ve done it twice already so that’s 2,600 peas and carrots

20 days left = 10 Harvest 2 roadmaps

1300 x 10 = 13,000 + the amount we already have = 15,600

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You assume they’ll run the map up to the end of the collections.

Right now there is 20 days 7 hours on the collections and 1 day 7 hours on the current roadmap.

So current roadmap finishes with 19 days left - therefore I assume 9 x 2 day roadmaps plus a day to turn in the items.

Minus a day. 15,600 - 1300 = 14,300.

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Ummmm where did you get the 15600 from because I don’t have it… you said we have lol :rofl:

Hahaha :man_facepalming:t3:

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lol you guys are funny. hopefully we get enough between road maps and that stash.

Princess cause she is the best comic book char and as decent as Brian is god damn that goofy ass art

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I’m going for Princess personally i need to improve my Defense team for Melee. I do like Rose. Bryan is alright good attacker

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I’m not sure haha

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It happens every time i want to withdraw the comment with the garbage can. Its like i mark myself.

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11 times in total if I got the math right. Which gives you 14,300. Enough for Bryan


You are correct, it is 22 days long and the peas and carrots RM resets every two days which means 11 times. My only concern is how close the timing will be for the whole ordeal

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I think the roadmap stops a day before the collection so it might be 1 less