So Pete is in the museum, question

I’ll get him to Tier 4 soon, but after that, I need to get him to level 90 right? How much am i going to have to invest to get S class from Tier 4 level 1 > 90?

No he is the Sclass version so to complete this collection you need him at level 150

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No the sclass version you only need 90 just claimed it


When did this start because all the others it haant been working

Its been like that for the 2 I did previously, s class t4 lvl 90

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You need him

I claimed S Class Pete and Priya tier 4 level 90 not 150

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Don’t forget you cannot s class the 6* version. Only 11k blue keys gets you 1 s class Pete. No need to pull 5/6* either for 11k blue key trade in.


You know what sucks is, anyone that pulls his 6 star now still needs 11k blue keys to get s class.

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I have S class, just curious how many trainers am I looking at? Is there a calculator for s class?

a fuck ton is my educated answer

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People are pulling for 6* pete? Shows people will pull for anything.


Glad I got in this post just used 20 Benedicts and a few other trainers to get my Sclass Pete to level 90 so I could redeem the collection. Thanks for the info all

Oh not bad, was he at level 1?

I’m pretty sure I used 10 Benedicts with both territories and ran 1 YGL with Pete by himself and was close to level 90.

Maybe 20 Benny. But it wasn’t that hard

Yes it was 20 Benny’s and like 3 basils I think

Pretty confident in saying that the programmers have no clue that you can’t Sclass Pete with 2 6star Pete’s, in their own game, since he is different to all other Sclass in that way.

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Or it’s a money grab and their testing the waters

XFD 6* Pete