So...Only i can get 15 vidios daily?


15 vidios?Is this a joke or a bug?If i want do 40 pull i have to wait ± 300 days…


Consider yourself lucky, I’ve seen people who can only do like 5 a day.


yeah, if i could watch 15 everyday i would be happy


Doing vids has been a pia the last week or so. Should be able to do 30 per day. Just won’t load and says try again. I try again over and over. Sometimes vid. Sometimes not. Seemed to work better today though for me.


Lucky you, i can watch 5 vids a week since the latest changes. Needless to say i’m not even trying anymore.
I just really hope update 14.0 will allow us to earn some coins again :frowning:


for the last 2 days i could watch more vids than usual , it should get better for you . try and watch them after the daily missions refresh


Same usually I could watch 50 before getting the message today I got 100


what? when i was saying more than usual i meant from 2-5 a day to 10-15, not that crazy shit


Hell I cant even watch 5 a day im lucky to even be able to watch one, so I wouldn’t be complaining about only being able to watch 15 a day.


same Caleb, I have not been able to watch a video for over 2 weeks. Stopped even trying every day, but when i have tried its the same message shown above every single time.

I have had 1 single coin for the last two weeks


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