So now we just need Governor

@kalishane So when can we expect to get the neutralize Governor? We’ve been waiting on him for almost 5 months now. He’s the last out of the leaks that anyone cares about. (except for gator) please we need him soon.


Can we assume from this that ‘you’ need him soon?

Me too, lots of legacy toons I’m looking forward to seeing. Governor & alert Lori mostly, there’s a post from @kalishane somewhere that list 7 or 8 that are due out ‘early’ 2018.

Yes I saw the list, and yes I do need him. I just want a release date for this one character, not the rest of the list (“early” 2018) since he was leaked nearly half a year ago

do you know what time was there between the release of Glenn and Joshua?


Well I know that Rick and Josh only took about a week

The Lori on the ascendance list is red Lori

Yes it is, meant to type alert but sometimes I’m a bit of an arse.


well I could live with that… short of medals anyway. might be able to collect enough in 3 weeks

Lol that is really good tempo, all 5*s will ascend that way in 2 decades not one as current tempo dictates. And yes, they should add next ascendable next week, not “soon”


I think it all depends on how much money the Glenn stash makes them. If people spent I would bet we see the same type of deal with the Gov soon. If it was a flop I have a shitty feeling that it might be some time before he gets released.

Fingers crossed that it was a success. I wan’t that dam Gov released. NOW! lol


Well think gaming has this sign for few days “Ranked #78 on Top Grossing Games &Unranked on Top Free Games- Jan. 15, 2018” for TWDRTS so I really don’t know how many are in spending mood lol.

I’ve still got high hopes they will, as a curveball, make Yellow Morgan ascendable soon. Huge popular support for the undeniably best OG toon. I see it every day, this huge support, popping up on the forum. Everyone says the Morgan needs to be ascendable soon.

Don’t question it k…

Ehh sure, but a possible reason why Glenn came as a stash was because he was an old character. They did this in the past with Yellow Joshua too, where he was a stash character.

Lol early 2018 isn’t June, it is half a year already, mid year to be precise. Early can only mean Q1 tops (even that can’t be called early), delays that go after march are just that, delays.

I’m not referring to anything said, reasoning only. That is why it says “can only mean” and there are semantics like early, mid, late. So if June is mid year it can’t be early this year lol. I won’t work or reason with scoplentics like “soon”, “dedicated”, “we are sorry” and such.

Nah kalishane said June 2018 = early 2018.

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Thank you for that answer, she needs to work on semantics then. It isn’t early then, it is mid 2018.

  • first third :wink:

NO, you don’t need only the governor! They should have released pretty much every 5* they promised by now and start working on newer or even older 5s yet they roll out with new ones every week.With this pace it’s gonna be 2020 until every 5 is ascendable and no one is gonna be around until then.

You must be really optimistic then, 2020 is in 2 years, they are adding one old 5* ascendable per month…