So now we have 4 shields


We have 4 p2p shields red blue fast and green its time to make f2p shield scopes(lee or michone perhaps or new one).
We got f2p login revive its time you make new event with gear and f2p shield scopes plese


A free shield isn’t gonna come for a while. My guess would be mid of next year at the earliest.


Right before 7s we’ll get a f2p shield like we did with shields before 6s


Agreed! Green shield Lee as a 6 star with one of his arms missing like in one of the storylines would be badass! Please make it happen @JB.Scopely :slight_smile:


I hope the wait isn’t that long, but you are more than likely right.


And what would this shield do for you? Many p2p can’t defend with double shields and you want a f2p shield?


Shield can change everything for f2p player bruth


And what would it change when double shield teams cant defend?


Would really depend on the stats of the free shield.


Or yellow shield michonne 6 star version be similar to marlon and rosie except michonne with an armless and jawless zombie on a leash being a shield :slight_smile:


Any f2p shield would highly likely end up being absolute garbage. Be careful what you wish for.


Scopely to make something even better than a shield… Coming soon. I can guarantee it.


Better than nothing and that’s what free can get you. :man_shrugging:t4:


Y’all should be asking for a f2p disarm that’s what would really help ya not revive or shield. because the revive or shield will never be as good as a promo one but disarm is disarm. Idk just my opinion


Wonder which one we’ll likely get faster.


i really hope they don’t have 7* bad enough they still haven’t buffed 5 and 4* to be somewhat useful again


Yeah. We pushed our luck with the revive, there’s no result that will come from pushing farther, as of yet. Scopley isn’t going to budge more, enjoy what you get while you can!


We have to wait still 2 months for revive m8…


Would you rather have it never come? Take it. Stop haggling, you aren’t getting ANYTHING ELSE and that’s that.


There was never an f2p shield during the five star era. Not sure why there would be one now. Just going to have to hope for rng luck. Magna and koa have been in numerous wheels.

Also, speaking from experience, one shield will not make as big of a difference as everyone thinks.