So now I have to spend more money to keep up?

I am totally disgusted with this new event. I have spent so much time and money to max my 6*s and it was for nothing. In order to keep up with the game I would have to spend more on tickets just to max those already maxed toons. I cancelled my membership and will no longer be playing the game. It is a shame because I really loved the game.


Nah, to keep up just retire, it’s easy and 100% ftp congrats on that btw, enjoy life


Thanks lol I will…

Or just wait, you’ll get them sooner or later. Couple of points stat buff will not make a huge difference, and it’s clearly intended as a long-term project to max everyone again.

i respect your enthusiasm but i doubt they are trying to level the playing field with veteran gear, could have done if it was limited to only gen1 and gen2 six stars by including sclass in it they f#cked it up.

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They should have included veteran when ALL 5 stars were ascendable it’s just pointless and I see no reason to add it rn and s-class can benefit from it so the cliff between f2p & p2p is even more larger


If they excluded S Class from the veteran rings it might actually make sense for them to buff the S Class stats to make sure they are greater than veterans. Hell they could have it just for Gen 1 toons to make them relevant again and help let people compete. But of course it’s a nother poor design forcing the gap wider

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I wouldn’t call it enthusiasm, but I’m cautiously optimistic about Arena. Seems like a rather varied mode with different requirements every day, and I greatly appreciate that they added a new daily event that’s not a stupid grind - do your four battles and most days you’re done. Plus, there’s practically no time pressure.

I don’t think they intended for veteran levels to level the playing field, but I don’t really care that much about a level playing field anyway tbh. I think the game play is more fun at mid levels, or at least provides much more enjoyment value relative to cost/effort. Don’t really care about veteran either way, will give me something new to do I guess, but I don’t think it matters much.


Wasn’t intended like this. If they wanted to give us a daily new stuff, would have rewarded everyone with 1 ring for 1 entry, isn’t it?
Staying at the same lvl and not extra grinding doesn’t make a game appealling. In order to have fun in a game, always have to advance. Is called competitivity and any game is designed for fights and achievements, not for daily rewards.

“Now”… lol
Find an RTS event that can’t be won with your credit card and I’ll show you a event scopely has plans to scrap.


There’s milestones, which fill the role of guaranteed rewards over time.

It’s a daily event, or at least it seems to be - the schedule for the next couple of days is up already, and while I didn’t see specific confirmation, all the information seems like the mode wlll run continuously. There’s enough grind in the game already with war and especially raid tournaments, having a mode that’s more about quality rather than quantity is a good thing in my book.

Anyway, there’s definitely a competitive element here - if you’re better, you have a higher chance of scoring high and getting extra rewards and the rings much faster. There’s an RNG element to it, which is far from optimal but should even out in the long run. It has the same problem as most league-based reward structures, in that it pits players of similar activity against one another, which some players really like but others don’t.

Say that in 2 weeks when you won’t be able to raid any of the persons you can raid now.

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Spending more to keep up is the good ole scopley mantra. Been that way since woc and people are too addicted to see. I don’t even know if playersunited is a thing anymore after pryia came most fell off the wagon im guessing.

We’ll see, I haven’t changed anything about my attack team (except some mod upgrades) in 8 months or so and it still works really well. If I end up having to build a new one, well it had a good run and it’ll be interesting to play some of the new toons I got in that time. But I could see it continue to work tbh.

Lol so true

Thats exactly how I feel…in a couple of weeks if I do not buy tickets I won’t be able to beat the ones I can beat now.

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It’s a great system… Promote everyone to their point of “skill” then let them figure out how to compete.

Spoiler: it’s not skill based

Yup. This game is so dumb.

Indeed you are right. So many who had the#pu are now above the s11 team grade so they definitely have Priya.

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Thank you for your money, keep on surviving. Don’t do crack it’s even more addicting.