So... Nobody is dropping defence anymore?

My faction moved to a new region to get away from 8vs8 in wave 1A. In the new region, very few drop defence. No worries, that’s just the way it is in that region.
But now having run 12 walker hordes and finding only a single dropped defence, I am under the impression that this is endemic through all regions now. Granted, 12 is a small sample size, but it used to be 9 or 10 out of 12 dropped for a hordes event.
As we can all see, Hordes against S class is crazy since Scopely are one of the poorest companies at being able to balance gameplay that has ever existed (and I include 40k 7th ed in that when I say it). So if it is so difficult for all of us, why oh why, has almost everybody decided to put up top defences?
Yes the idea of the game is to be competitive, but when it is almost impossible to beat a 3 or 4 toon Sclass defence (I managed once, just, but that was 2 Sclass not 3 or more), then surely it benefits us all to drop those defences?

Come on guys.


Its kinda sad not to see dropped defences
Out of 8 i got 2

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i have dropped S class but still has random 6s

Sorry not dropping def just so you can get easy rewards and let others pass me. Maybe work on your walkers instead of asking for handouts


No matter what walkers you have cant kill s class teams…


Also no skip player button so have enter and quit…


Faced a pete with over 10k hp :joy::joy: even my bomb zombies dint do shit to him after dying


Not dropping, send a bad feedback about how stinky hordes is, I didn’t want it back to start with

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Drop, so everyone is happy and they make this a stable event?

In my experience very few ever dropped for hordes. Personally, i don’t like doing so usually. With raids it gets to be so time consuming and boring, I’m all for it though. I keep my raid def dropped 24/7.

This hordes though, i hope everyone drops. Anyone who does want those milestones shouldn’t have to waste a single can to get them. They’re pretty horrendous if you ask me. And with how screwed up they made the gameplay, we should all be helping each other if possible. Imo anyway


Ah I see you haven’t played hordes before. You see, in this game mode, we get given very few cards at the start and they are all random. So that comment is quite inane when put in context.


Most player base wont participate in hordes and if so very little but drop defense only helps top groups as most outta rank 2-3 don’t try anyway

Most of the player base aren’t participating because it’s practically impossible. If defences were dropped to make it possible, the player base would start participating not just top 2-3 spots.

Yes please, make hordes great again!

Walkers needed a buff before s class, now they need a major buff

Lock s class to D5, let the whales be whales

Give better rewards and milestones

Etc. Etc. Etc. Improve it like they did onslaught so we can have different events cause solo level up with raids then solo sr then war and then solo level with raids then solo sr then faction level up with raids for 1 day and then faction sr, repeated over and over is boring, remember when they did that for a few months? We need other events and hordes was fun but the walkers didnt get a buff, they got nerfed and the rewards and milestones made worse. Make hordes great again! :fist:


I think people aren’t dropping defenses because they’re just bored with the game and don’t want to put in any extra effort in swapping defense

No, no, no, no scrap hordes for good. Give me my loop of raids, Sr, war and onslaught, that’s the game I play, that’s the game I’ve invested time and money not dumb walkers vs plants knock off

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Some ppl are not dropping because of the league leaderboard rewards for WH which is league tokens which alot of ppl need because they can get gear for S classes and gold ascenable tokens for ascending 6*s.

Personally I drop cos it’s a wkday, ppl got work got kids you know real life stuff and it’s a game that is meant to be fun and not a job.

It’s ppls personal choice if they want to drop or not, but my preference is to drop as especially for now, we can get the milestones although they are awful and get on with real life

So if they scrap hordes to make you happy, is it ok for them to scrap yawnslaught to make me happy :slight_smile:


Whatever, if you’re happy not having 800 weekly collectibles then it’s not my job to convince you


In my region that has been flooded with new people, factions, I’ve noticed they claim they drop defence, flood global crying others haven’t and when you raid them or whatever you find a fully maxed team defending.

I guess it’s just part of the game.

It’s also funny they will complain in global they’ve been attacked and that with their “dropped” defence people are supposed to skip them and only hit their copy of a bot.

I miss my dead region. :disappointed: :cry:

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