So nobody got Erika on this event right?

So nobody got Erika on this event right?
If you did, post pic or video to confirm.

It seen’s that she was not being given away, all who spended to try her got scopeled lol.


100 opens on that wheel and no Erika proves that she wasn’t even in it. Just another Scopley scam.


Yeah, that was far worse then michone head (i got negan on that event after 40-50 pulls)


Scopely should do a response to that video.


If you’re talking about Snizzle, I don’t think that person actually bought 100 tokens lol.

He probably used hex editor to do the pull’s but that does not change the odd’s. So nobody got erika it was a falsely advertise event and all those who spended got scammed.


Nah, it’s posted in another thread. The tokens were left over from a previous event and Scopely just reused them. The guy got pretty lucky that he still had them.

I agree that the odds are shit though.


I think in the original thread it was stated the guy used tokens from a previous event (they were stored in crates).


So zero erikas lol

One dude did
I mean if there’s lardy a t4 6* blue mich one on my reigion
Then someone did Erika can’t remeber who but they said on jabs stream

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Unless he post pic’s nobody will belive after the 100 pull video

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I agree I’m sorry I just can’t believe it without a picture to prove it.

Well someone probally did
Consididing there’s a lot of reigions
One guy is probably out there with a Erika
Well the guy come forward probably not
But someone out there does have a Erika
Just saying someone said they did

Suggestion the best way to find out would be ask scopley I remeber for like which is the rarest 5* they had actual data of how many ppl owned that 5*
They may have data on who got Erika from tokens

Ok just watch that video again and rethink what some guy said he did lol

how did you get that many tokens?!?!?!

Yup I got her alright.

She disappears from my roster every time I try to take a ss though.

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I was talking about Michone Head negan from that old event, i got after 40-50 pulls spendind all the gas can’s i had on the raid tournament that was droping stuff to pull for negan.

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oooo coool. ye scopley at their finest

1 person in Habersham got her. Good for them.

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Can anyone confirm if the odds reset per 10 pull seeing as he had 10 - 10 pulls?