So no Sr tourny, can we get a farmable gear map

Most people are low on gear, especially rebel and hunter.
You promised us a farmable gear map every so often.
Well, tonight would be a fantastic night to have a farmable gear map.


At the very least, they could compensate us with some nuggets while they’re at it. 1.5k would do.


We need something.
I wanted to do SR…needed the stuff from it. :disappointed_relieved:

Plus my lucks stinks recently and I needed to get something from this awful crappy time I’m having recently.

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Yes to nuggets no to that amount. It’s gotta be the top 100 prize to everyone if they really want to make it right.

Check this

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Farm able gear map or 4* weapon parts map would be nicer

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You know the chances of seeing the old gear map are probably about the same as pulling a 6 star from a promo wheel…less than 1%

It would be nice if they ran the weapon parts map every weekend though. Add 4 star weapon tokens to the stages. I feel like outside a special stage here and there it’s been impossible to get any 4 star tokens. Why are they never a reward for a lv up, raid, war, or sr?


I was just going to suggest the weapon parts roadmap. Desperately needed.