So no more events this weekend?

Guess no more events this weekend except the thousands of ridiculous offers Scopley is putting out before New Years Eve.

Keep on surviving…

There is a calendar at the top of the page. We got a fac SR today. Just like every non-war weekend.

  • Faction Survival Road (Sat 10:00pm - Sun 10:00pm)

Well thank you kindly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same copy paste events as last weekend blah what a bunch of bs

Your welcome. I haven’t looked at the rewards yet but not expecting anything worthwhile as per usual and yet I will waste a good portion of my Sunday for the team.

Watch out for the reflect stages…this game is so lame now. :smirk:

I cannot find the calendar.

I agree. I only play for leagues and toons.

Click on the scopley origami looking icon at the top left of the page. It should then load the page with all the sticky threads first. The calendar is always one of them. Then go all the way to the bottom for the events and times.

Can’t wait to see what hoops we need to go through to level up the league store toons soon. Might be the straw that breaks the camels back for me as it’s not bad enough that the ascendable toons are complete crap when compared to just about any premier from the last six months but now we get even more special gear locked from the semi-decent league ones.

I really dislike special gear, and how Scopley never released legendary gear map. Sucks they want us to buy the gear and waste league tokens on them, then wait a week to restore. If the new league toons have monthly gear thats hard to get, Idk what I’ll do tbh… lol

Does seem to appear they’ve stopped copy pasting rewards and decided to make them even worse


Wth? These rewards suck. Haha. Perfect way to end the year, with horrible rewards.


Look out the latest premiere didn’t do as well as anticipated and gear sales are down too.


Gotta make up that lost revenue. :smirk:

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Are you saying there is something wrong with people trying to make a living? :smirk:

Also, how would you know that? :wink:

F2P Toilet. It’s outdoors but at least we can use our league coins here instead of cash. :smirk:


To be honest, ignoring them is taking about the same amount of effort as an event

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