So no more AOW?



For me, I don’t really care about fighting different people; it’s all about the rewards for me. AoW rewards knock it out of the park easily compared to CRW.


I agree a good healthy inter region rivalry keeps people interested.


variety of food for whales. yeah for sure


AOW is nearly pointless for those regions running 700-400 actives players. With that population your running about 25 factions tops. And on average about 14-17 factions. Given these numbers AOW creates horrible wait times for both the factions and your opponents. It starts out fine, but eventually your own faction gets bored of waiting and they wander off, thus increasing wait times as AOW progresses.
CRW on the other hand offers these regions the chance to fight over 100 factions and far less wait times. Which encourage our players to come and fight.
Now that being said large regions can prob run AOW and make it rather fun still.


This how i see CRW


Agreed. Some of us are in regions where we are actually competitive. With less competition, we actually have a chance at top rewards with AOW. But, we get matched with whale regions with factions that are just too much for us. We don’t ever get a chance at top rewards if we continue with CRW. @JB.Scopely. How about a response?


AOW is garbage.
CRW is much better.


I see this as something scopely should be aiming to move toward with a forced consolidation when servers reach a certain threshold.

Hell even give people another free key and say you have until x to move


Personally prefer alternating between the two, aow shouldn’t be done away with.


I absolutely hate CRW, I’m sick and tired of being food for whales!! It’s not fun at all, I avoid crw like the plague. War matching is atrocious, it’s always same unbeatable factions over and over again with multiple shields and revives and every single maxed out gold mod inexistence. Yeah that’s really fun :unamused:

Transfers is what’s screwed this game up. If they would have just allowed ppl who wanted to move the ability to move it would have been fine and we wouldn’t have all these ghost regions. But that’s what you guys asked for and you got it. Thanks a lot.


They need to get rid of that garbage yawnslaught and replace it with AOW or Blitz Wars.


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