So no more AOW?



Calendar indicates the 4th Cross Region War in a row meanwhile there’s no sign of All Out War, not even a blitz. Is it going to be shut down? @JB.Scopely


I hope not I like all out war more than crw


Hope AOW is gone for good tbh. CRW actually gives variety of factions not same 4 or 5 for three days, you want to fight ppl in your region , go raid them, simple


i hope it comes back for good. it aint no fun warring people you dont know. aint no motivation fighting anonimous people, almost like bots, we’ve got raid for that!


When was last aow that lasted 3 days???


Unpopular opinion lol


Whales hate that CRW. They rather play aow cuz. My region is only 4 months old and number 1 rank faction is all whales only whales they decimate the rank 2 team and below. They hold 2-4 territories at all times with teams none of us can beat. Yet crw they took 3rd. And complained as well needs to be a aow crw not fair. Yet our rank 9 faction had a blast playing non stop teams of our own lvl. Few times of course we got set up against top whale teams but u just let that 5 min pass like a bad dream move on for the next fun battle. Keep Aow away. Forever.


Guess you like spend to try to win crw


He doesnt really play


@JB.Scopely this one deserves an answer.


I think they should alternate between aow and crw. Aow is more personal I guess you could say. It’s time for the shit talkers to step up or get stepped on.


Just go back to the old way, war twice a month, one aow, one crw.

Chuck some blitz wars in and done.


I hope Scopley keeps doing CRW… I like getting canteens and gps as gifts which AOW does not offer. only draw back is… if they keep this up … they should allow us to war against our own region in CRW…


They will keep CRW, to many regions cannot support AOW anymore and make it enjoyable for everyone.


Exactly how it should be ^^^


So what Scopely should do, or should’ve done as they introduced transfers, is forcing people out of servers and shutting that hellhole down. There’s literally no reason to keep a region up for 60 active players. Better off using that capacity for other servers. Prevent people from milking dead regions for first places.


Than it will no longer be Cross Region War. As the name implies it is region vs region


I really hope we start seeing AOW again. I like the rivalries that develop. CRW is okay but competing to make top 10 in AOW is much more fun than trying to make top 50 in CRW. I can’t imagine why factions rating below #100 even bother. Talk about killing player interest.


crw is the moneymaker for them. Aow u don’t see near as much coining as u do in crw. Those whales have to prove who has the bigger debt to income ratio by coining to be too dog for a chance at 8 spooky pulls…because, u know… The ends justify it. They have no reason to put aow out because crw is their cash cow.


But hey, at least we still get Onslaught! The one event over 90% of people DO NOT want! :woman_facepalming: