So no ftp Holliday event

@GR.Scopely This is really it for the Holliday events ? Sad what a joke

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ikr i’m hoping they add in a FA event at the last minute

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They will send some Burt’s for everyone on Christmas


Would love a whole stack of trainers right about now…leveling S Class is the definition of grind.

Any trainers in the Scopely santa sack this year @GR.Scopely ?

doesn’t look like it unfortunately. My guess is that they’ll have some amazing deals in their OFFERS section. (insert sarcasm). Maybe they will give something free like a trainer pack but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

They’re giving you a free 6* Princess maybe even 2 in the 7* era, and made a holiday book event which consists of just buying whatever they decide to give you that day. What else could your heart desire?

Holiday gift according to Scroogely: you can spend 100€ for and old generation 6*. Merry Christmas ho ho ho

You are surprised because you’ve only been playing this game a week and assume they are like other developers who keep their player base engaged with things they want?

2 princesses is f2p. Levelling her up to s class is another matter entirely.

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Your Christmas stuff will arrive early next year.


OP be like I want a holiday event! :sob: :sob: :sob:

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The holiday event is the 3 SR tourneys we’re getting this week :joy: :joy: :joy:

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1200 trainers to up a S class, 5 Burts as presents, 3 Level ups weekly, 2 princess for you, and a Mercer in there somewhere! (Sing in the 12 days of Xmas tune)

Compensation will be given in the form of coal and Then everyone will be nice and warm.

At least a lump of coal has a monetary value

I guess I would rather be warm than have to grind for something. I swear it takes a mental toll on me… it also drains resources.

If you’re not constantly throwing cash at them like a meth addled stripper they don’t give two shites about you :man_shrugging:

Keep Spending


Screenshot_2019-12-24-14-45-19-1 Happy Holidays!!

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I could be wrong. But if Scopely is trying to shed players to make it an easier shutdown, they’re doing it quite well. So don’t expect any more ftp events…


bit disappointed with the difference in treatment myself. F2p get back while p2w get all the actual prizes. Than you wonder why every war you get ss fought.

It’s time to give up on this game … they will just keep resetting toons exactly what they have done with 6 stars and now s class … what’s next z class ? If you don’t like the direction this game has gone this past year just quit now because scopley don’t care and the whales will just keep spend1ng until servers are closed . Scopley does not appreciate this player base one bit and nothing is going to change that