So no daily login reward?

I thought they were bringing that back :thinking:


There is a login reward… you’ve just gotta $$$$.$$ for it

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“Great Game”


You thought wrong i guess

Can tell your newer to forums. Your not gonna see a ton of positive remarks here. Most here have been around for years and see how much better the game could be. For alot those things like daily logins are a few of the percs( even if just a lilth) left


A the final ttwd episode comes out this month so they could do an event like the free gator

They already did that lol

When did that happen?

Gator was free for one of the monthly login in rewards last year. I think one of the summer months.

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Yeah one just like that but with Clem

Thats your opinion and how you feel. Others feel differently. Im glad you have enjoyment with just playing :blush:
Crap i responded to wrong person. …

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Its nice to get a toon for logging in and nothing else. But cant expect that to be common…they gave out quite a lot of toons for logging in last year. Some you had to do a roadmap or choose between wheel or stash but it was very little effort. Most those toons were lackluster and not worth ascending. Id rather grind milstones and do hard level roadmaps and get toons that will increase my roster strength.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Too good.

I have war vision right now, hit quick, type fast lol i realized too late and just didnt care enough to fix it lol

Just another lie

Free log ins are undeserved but expected by the lazy…smh


No. We were told they would come back. What is underserved is to be lied to and then left in the dark. We all understand JB and GR have no control, they are the messangers and as such a simple yup we had this haopen but they will be back next month or even a nope they will never be back is fine, but to be lied to and then get silence is the only thing here that is undeserved.

If i tell you, i will give you a dollar, everyday for a month and all you must do is come to my door once a day and collect the dollar. You show up everyday and i dont answer the door everyday and after the month is over you call me and ask, “what happened?” I say nothing and hang up on you. Do i HAVE to give you anything? No. Did we sign a binding contract? No. But to do that and then say nothing is what is undeserved. :microphone: :smirk:


They say less and less each week. Before they normally commented by tuesday. Let everyone cool down after war. Now we are lucky to get that. We have been screaming we need gear several times a day…we get silence. …we ask about war stashes being extended as we like that idea just not that factions under 6th rank never get a pull…we get a dupe wheel back with toons like barker and Bryan…we ask if there’s a new sc toon…" oh dont worry theres one coming" people threaten to discontinue sc " dont worry more to come "
Its sad that despite the fact that this community has been here going on 4 years and most have dedicated more time here than they sleep.


I see you are new in this game…


It would be nice to have an login event like that once or twice a year to help new players and collectors Gator was my first 5 star and my second 6 star