So nice work scopes 2 legacy in 2 weeks.(really nice)


So twd the final season episode 2 is on can we get next legancy 6*?I talk about carley.
Scopes plese relese all legancy characters in 2 months.YOU CAN DO IT!!!
thanks. :slight_smile:


They’re not going to release another1 for a while, u can go back to complaining about them.


Maybe they are finally listening to one of the complaints. Release more legacy toons, they might just start releasing them more often. I would be super happy with 2 legacy toons a month. Even if they are just average toons


One a week.
They can do a brand new premium a week, so they can do half the work on a legacy a week.
Releasing legacies - who are only ever OK - would aid in slowing the insane power creep too.


I’m surprised but happy that another legacy was released so quick after Andrea. Don’t really understand why they put him as a premier though lol


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