So new regions get 300 3 year for .99 cents wth why not equality


So newer regions get 300 3 year tokens so they’ll have better toons then og regions why bc they’ve played n payed as much as us older factions? Wtf stop giving good offers to new players n regions stop screwing over the players that kept ur game alive EVERYONE SHOULD GET THIS OFFER ITS CALLED EQUALITY


Thats not 3 year tokens… Look whats next to 3 year tokens when going to recruits and rewards


Yes, new accounts get anniversary tokens for 1 dollar , 3 pulls, old accounts get the crap RTS for a dollar.

This is unfair. Scopely is scum


What are u talking about I just saw the offer?


What you work for scopely this is bullshit


Yes everyone should get this offer


M bad just seen all the posts, still half awake. Woe thats bs, making me get oit of bed to get my wallet


Yep, a lot of my faction mates are fairly new to the game, getting a 99p offer for 3 pretty damn good toons and practically overtaking me in a matter of seconds. BS


Well GG my alt account doesnt have this offer, smh woke up for notjin…


New accounts, not regions, in in 3w region Fairfield from since it released 22.08, and I still got 300rts tokens


I never got any tho… :frowning: now my fac teamates are even more OP then me that just sucks.


lol I feel you


It’s if you’re new to a region. I joined a new region and got the offer for 350 year 3 tokens for. 99 cents. Pulled aries Richard and Connor. Guessing it’s for new to region peeps so unless it’s a new region won’t effect balance at all.


@JB.Scopely hey man, can we get some updates about this topic?


So you mean the OP mega spenders that have invaded my region now get rewarded for making most of us want to quit? @JB.Scopely this better be a joke!


Lol what region?


Stephens :confused:


Ours all left its great lol prob only. factions but the power difference is huge so no worries about losing 1st


These guys evidently killed Cook and now want a crack at our region. They come in under the guise of wanting more competition, but if that were true they would have gone where they actually had some. Our mostly ftp region is easy pickings. This is the kind of crap I thought would happen with region merging. I know we can all go elsewhere but honestly, that’s a pain in the ass.


Right all the Richie richs shoulda moved to one region