So new list comming out soon

What characrers you want to see in upcomming list guys?

Shiva Force Rick and Michonne


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We need disarms and decaps, toons with a rush that can debuff defense like -80% for 2 turns, 100% heal reduction, focus to all for 2 turns, thats what is needed. Everyone wants more shields, more revives, more hp boosting and its like why? So everyone can have a wall, we need to be able to kill in war and raids not sit and defend with hp boosting, revive, healing, shield wall teams


Who cares whoever they release will be underwhelming like the three they just released for Xmas


Where did you hear there will be a list. As far as I know there won’t be a list for now on.

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Well considering there were 2 future ascendables announced by vk, I assume there will be more.

As people said in another forum Kalishane made the previous lists and now we have @JB.Scopely sooo

It still hasnt come out? Mega oof

Doesn’t really mean anything. He’s the messenger, not the maker, also I don’t think Kalishane had much say in which characters got picked. Making the list is one thing. Saying which characters are on the list is another thing.

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At this point people shouldn’t really count on ascendables to make their teams better. F2p can only improve through getting lucky on these wheels. The whole “making five stars better” was clearly a crock. When was the last time an f2p toon was useful? Andrea? How long ago was she?

Kalishane made the list. You really think he will do it? He has trouble responding half the time.

Did she have a say in which characters were the ones to be added? All JB would have to do is say which characters are being added if they were decided. Also we have “Forum Admin” as well (not sure who operates that whether it be JB or another person).

Kali didnt make anything. Kali was not a dev, was a messenger like JB. Someone decides who will become ascendable and then the CM makes a post. JB said sometime next year, its 2018 still.

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If there are no multi-color decapitates or a disarms its a waste.


Early next year we will have a list… translated to scopely time means sometime before July


There was some leaks on youtube, at least Blue Erick and Donnie have their models up

I want 5* Red Clem to be ascended. Not the new one. Im talking about the old first red 5* Clem. Also 5* Alicia.

No one takes to long for them to release them next thing you know by next year we will have 7*’s

Dual Katana Michone,dual axe tyreese and Santa Negan

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