So need you guys and girls expertise :)

So I have a 5 star maggie. Want to use her on my team on defense. Only have 4 ascended toons on my defense. So need a fifth. I have no abs defense. Failed everytime -.-. Was wondering what would help her stay alive and shoot off.

Very nice looking toon. Congrats!

Were I in your shoes, I would work on the assumption that she is likely not going to rush. As a command toon, there is every chance that she will delay and delay her own rush by commanding others. I would probably just give her this:

Of course, one could substitute any one of those slots for AP, but this represents one of the foundational weapons people should be crafting before they waste all their resources trying to craft this:

It’s a nice weapon, but can take months to actually get. You’ll need some decent weapons in the interim.

Yeah still do not have that weapon. Unfortuantly not many yellow weapons I do have.

On the eugenes hammer right now its in armory trying get huge Ap on defend.

The superior tactical, or Dwights hunting knife are both solid choices.

I used to use these two together all the time:


At the time was the best rainbow toon. I wonder if we will get a 6* one?

Yeah, he was on my team right up till they buffed guardian. It rendered him completely useless. I miss that debuff. :frowning:

Thinking about it now, I don’t see so many guardians on defence these days. Maybe I’ll bring him out to play. :slight_smile:

Or use 5* carson help do same thing but can ignore gaurdians because no dmg

Sadly no carson. Or I would use him.

He is available in depo now probably a good pickup if he comes on sale

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