So... my weps suck

I’ve been playing on this same account since April-May 2015 or 2016, and this is my weapon loadout.

Absolutely no special stats, after constant craftings I’ve not once got a stun gun, impair gun, or anything! Anyone else in my shoes?

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No lol damn im sorry bruh but i seem to have amazing luck with weapons


Just got these 2 today :smile:

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Well you just gotta keep trying, there’s literally nothing else you can do about it except territories.

You van always quit this fuckin game , its boring asf anyway

Territories. You need the territories before you start crafting. This is about the extent of my knowledge.

As I have said before, I would be far more tempted to buy survivors club if it had quicker weapons crafting and bonus weapons and better chances of success. In the big picture, free parts doesn’t mean as much.

My weapons are also rubbish. That was partly my fault for not trying to find out and I partly my fault for assuming when I asked someone else in my faction to find out that they would do it. But also partly theirs for being lazy.

It depends on how many times you’ve tried since 2015

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Won’t show you mine then. You might cry lol
But seriously just keep trying. Level up get those kits and tapes and keep doing the same special over and over reseting the SAME weapon and crafting in BOTH armouries until you get the result. Good luck.

Well the game launched in August of 2015 so…

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And armory didn’t come out until quite a while later, so the start date wouldn’t matter.


Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-49-14 Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-48-59 Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-48-55 thats my weapons and start playing February 2018. I think that you might be cursed.

I have on impair gun 6 stun guns 2 absolute defence and one stun on attack trying for my second and have tried 100+ times with no luck

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