So much anger here.... where is the love?

I realize there is alot of angry ppl on here for various reasons and possibly for good reason… but it is my belief that the players and Scopely would BOTH catch more flies with honey.

We live in the day and age of instant gratification… reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate factory…


Regardless of the hate for scopely many have… i still enjoy the game… and the people. As long as i play i will buy my 30day pass and do other offers for coins amd generally make the best of what the game offers. I know lots of you are frusterated for various reasons but… slow down… take a breather… your hate and anger imho only slows down the responses and progress…Have patience… stop stressing yourself out over a game and just try to enjoy the game where its at.

Good things come in good time.


~ Go Paulding Region!


Flagged for inappropriate content. No love allowed just hate and anger against the evil oppressor.

When scopee stops cheating and living to players then it will decrease.


Yeah because if everyone is nice to Scopely they will change their ways

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Just sit back and enjoy every time Scopely screws someone over and greedily takes their money regardless if services were rendered or not, every time they lie and then try to take it all back with a We’ll do better bs statement or every time they try to spin bs into something not their fault. After 2+ yrs of trying to deal with Scopely, their inefficient support staff or just trying to get some information on a certain subject, people are done letting Scopely off lightly and just letting them get away with it. Some of the anger is unnecessary I’ll agree but none of us are in a position to say a certain player’s anger isn’t justified especially when we don’t know what hardships they’ve had to deal with in regards to Scopely. This company has screwed over many of their customers, basically responded to those claims with a smirk and a f you, so just sitting back no longer feels like an option.


And whooo peee we have new premier recruit out XD

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It’s not sarcasm. He is one of those guys that make the game so good these days.


Invested over 5 figueres ^^ No wonder scopely is asking for more

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We angry because now if you wanna be remotely good in this game is pay pay pay and spend spend spend. And all we spend on 5* now worthed nothing, just freaking fodder for 6*


I knew the risk of every dollar i spent in this game…i have been playing for 1.5yrs now… no sarcasm. Spending is a choice. I have done many many 10pulls and never ever recieved a 5* from one i knew the odds sucked… i did better with singles from free coin offers. Spending failures is on me… not Scopely. No one is forcing anyone to put money into this game.

I dont know all the individual beefs of the individual players… but if u dont like the odds of spending… then dont spend. Its simple… there is no guarentee with spending on this game and i accept that. Always have. I still enjoy the game regardless…


See? Special snowflake that makes the game great <3


Yes but we deserve better rewards to keep game interesting, half faction is retiring. They give us 5* tokens and here once again new elite is out. It’s frustrating and prizes is crap. At least give us stun weapon as a prize or impairs or idk something,to keep us motivated.


Well you’re obviously very easy to please, not everyone is ok with constantly being force fed shit. If you like eating shit, then by all means continue doing so. It honestly wont effect my life whatsoever.


Proper sentence is “if you are eating, get a bigger spoon” btw.

They don’t deserve the love…

No one fed me anything… i have low expectations… almost 0 actually. Lol… no worries here.


You should apply for a job at scopely if you haven’t already.


But you are throwing cash in the gutter anyway? At least be altruistic and give the money to the poor or someone to have operation if you are expecting nothing in return. At least those people will have use of it and will thank you. Otherwise get a bigger spoon.

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So because scopley is too stupid to come up with a concept to combat this.The ftp players who have invested 2+ years playing basically are forced to spend so they have a chance to keep their own account?

It sounds like a complete failure to me… This should be their problem but instead it gets pushed off on to the players instead.

They really should have requested more information and also informed people on what specific information they would need. Especially if one day they just woke up and decided to change the criteria without so much as informing the player base of the changes. That might have been able to rectify ample people from losing their accounts and hard work.

Well im in british Columbia canada… we have health care here for operations… our governemt does a much better job of takin care of its ppl… besides whats 10bux gunna do? Or an occasional 50bux gunna do? Infact i give money to the poor fairly often near where i work… most of our homeless refuse help cuz they are not allowed their drugs in the help shelters… so they choose the street… i work right smack dab in the middle of Vancouver BC… i see allll sorts of crap… infact many of the homeless ppl i have offered help to were so strung out they wanted to fight me… for just trying to be kind. Id rather help animals… they are kinder…


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