So maybe the reason some players are not getting Piper?

I’ve done all individual events and none of the faction events, which multiple posts said it was possible to do without any faction events. This has been proven to be false, but maybe it is on purpose that some could and others could not!
Supposedly during this Piper event I only opened 2 premier recruits but how is it possible that this new faction event I have already opened 16?
Now if the new event has only been going for a day and I have 16 how is it possible I still only have two???
Those that think they don’t manipulate accounts for winners and losers need to, look at the over whelming evidence.
It like them giving Max mods rewards but not including max mods in the rewards.

Not sure but if I’m already at 16 on the new I am almost :100: I got more then 20 on the other.

Obviously glitches everywhere ^^

On the new faction weekly event opening basic tokens etc count. But they dont on Piper event

Well they both say open premier!
This company is the king of misleading

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