So many bugs! Someone get the pesticide!

Maybe its just me, but every 2 minutes a internet error pops up saying MESH 100000, and it is very annoying. On top of that whenever im raiding/sr/territory/worldmap/roadmap. once i complete it, i get stuck on the loading screen… Anyone else?


yes loading screen sometimes more than 1 min

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me and all my faction team mates are in the same situation. Game unplayable, especially in territories, where I saw 3-4 attacks done when actually you can perform max 2 (3k hp defense)


@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely game is BUGGED TO HELL. @Hedge

Same issue as the OP. Loading times are ridiculous and Constant connection error etc.

Faction assault getting froze at the calculating results screen for ENTIRE factions… Fix this crap.

@JB.Scopely @Hedge @TayTron @Andrea_Scopely


This is exactly what they want lol get your you know what back :money_mouth_face:

Get ready for the end of the game, they are pushing people away on purpose and have had insane offers popping up for the last 2 or 3 months. Or i guess keep holding on like anythings going to be fixed :crazy_face:

Territories for example have been broken since the start, they have had in 2 different patch notes as well as JB saying they would be fixed for a 3rd time with update 18.0 but imo they have only got worse

Time to wake up people and smell the end of surviving :dizzy_face:

Same was in the middle of an assault game froze when I loaded back up didn’t get the points couldent use the toons as it says there were already used but I had lost a turn fix this garbage

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Who the fuck is their coder did they hirer him from a food box?

still waiting for all the terrorties to finish popping up before I can post something

yeah so many of them

Yeah territories are still fuking up the game. I’m still losing energies when the game resets over and over again.
The worst one yet (besides SR/territory ) was losing points and an energy in FACTION ASSAULT. The game started ‘’’’‘loading’’’’ when I finished the 5min match and never stopped. Then an error code popped to check my internet connection (but it was fine) and I was forced to close the app as it never went away.
Shitty coders, shitty developers, shitty designers, shitty mkgt ideas = a goddamn shitty game.

but…You can pay 25dollars a month to have a better game experience…obviously , with persistent’s bugs

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