So.... Lori Event?

What time does this hinted event start? Is it actually mothers day? @kalishane


Hopefully not

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Always hinted, so you can’t 100% prepare for an event, unless it’s lv+ ohwell

Lori is out now.

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Where though

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Lori is there i hope youre happy.

I have her but she is bad so not wasting medals…

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Open your game and go to elevation building



Thanks much appreciated

Where’d you get that ss from?

From the game, made it myself seconds before posting it. Apparently it’s not live in all regions?

Shes just been released

Another red neutralise. So much for the leader skill. Lol.

Huh that’s weird. What region are you in?

Dade. Hope she’ll show up for everyone soon.

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Hmm nothing in Wilkinson.

Any sign of a stash or log in event?

She looks pretty decent IMO. First serious ranged buffer and another neutralise is definitely always welcome! They were never going to give Erika’s leader skill out for free for those disappointed with a lack of leader skill

Why not in an event? Seems so sudden and random.

I ascended her though i’m kinda underwhelmed. Wanted leadskill so badly.

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