So let me get this straight

Scopely cancels faction raid, faction level up, and faction SR for the one mode that your customer base has vocally complained against because it’s terrible…ok @JB.Scopely how does that make any sense?


Oh and 6 straight days of solo level followed by a Sunday break then another solo level up Monday. Lazy…


There is obviously little to no communication between @JB.Scopely and the other departments. Probably mixture of a language barrier problem and laziness but who knows for sure.

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Six days of solo level up. Literally cannot contain by excitement

Scopely is just trying to bore you out of this game. Just let it happen thou…

LU heaven :smiley:

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They want to give everyone as many chances to win these crappy toons as possible.

We’re going through a bad wave right now, but we had good characters in the past like Confounding Yumiko and Command Connie.

Yumiko was good. I actually won the Connie (wanted the gold mods). I won’t ascend her due to having Glenn.

Connie is a good alternative for Strong command if you already have someone acting as a buffer, like SR Zeke.

Actual threads with actual complaints about bugs or modes/rewards: JB says “I’ll take it to the team”
Never ends up happening.
Troll threads and comments with 1 or 2 people saying “We want more level ups and crappy rewards and useless features!”: JB: Says nothing and it gets done a week later.


6 star rewards i could care less how many times they do it



Lmao they removed my post
Guess they went full 'tard

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