So I've read about how, Scopely Cares About Meta


SCAM for short easy remembering. With the SCAM we’ve been told they can’t release more ascendance characters of old characters, faster. I’m not sure I like that they SCAM, I’d rather see the old characters ascended. Maybe 1\1 with new releases?


SCAM is totally going according to their plans, I have no idea why do you think that SCAM is not according to what “community” wishes. Simply cause SCAM.


Well if they didn’t SCAM we’d probably have much better SLUTs, FLUTs, and maybe better FRTs to blow fresh air into region’s?


Heck they need to get factions more FAT as well! We are all starving when it comes to them and the useless\unplayable add-on


Lol. Better get this in before the anti-humor anti-fun non-elected forum police get here and flag the post.


Them SCABS, When Scopely Cares About Balance it Sucks.


Maybe they will be Banning All Banter In Everything Scopely? BABIES?


Scopely Has It’s Ticked-off Subscribers Hankering Outside Wisdom that will allow them to quit the game…