So, I've lost my account because of Scopely


My iPhone had to go to repairs because of a bug in the system and they wiped my phone clean in the process. I saved all the details just in case that would happen and then provided them to Scopely Support on the app when I got my phone back. I don’t remember what Facebook account I used with RTS so I provided the info but Scopely decided it was not enough and told me to send them a receipt of a purchase. I never made a purchase on that account so how can I do that?
It looks like I am never getting my account back despite me giving all other info to prove ownership of my account and I am NOT HAPPY to lose it as I was S3 and had worked HARD to get 2 6* and lvl 50, etc. as a free to play.
Scopely, please fix this because back on my tablet I spent 2000$ only to lose that account and if I lose this one I am gone for good.


How did you lose your first account on the tablet?


Lost the tablet and had not connected to FB.


I gave them these details and it was not enough:

Main Region, Account Code, Nickname, Level, Team Grade, Defense Team Roster, Coins and Faction.


It would be easier to try and guess your FB info. Using OTHER devices (not your main one), try to login with your FB guess. If it’s the wrong one, try again until you get it and then use that login on your main phone.

If you don’t have enough devices, try using bluestacks on PC.


Already tried one on my iPhone but it was the wrong one, I guess I can’t unlink sadly.


Well in that case, go to a second device and use the same account that you used on your iPhone. Your iPhone should then be ‘free’.


Katola is right, I had the same problem, eventually because of the amount of Facebook accounts I had I needed to have 3 devices running but I eventually got the right one on the right phone.


Use the parallel space app. This way you cant fuck up different devices. xD.


Go to Facebook permissions and see which account has permissions set for rts. Easy Peasy

Edit: Unless of course you’ve given your Facebook link to the Russians, in which case; hahahahaha!


Thanks to @Katolo and @Locky I figured it out, thanks guys. @CombatMan can you lock the thread?


Thanks everyone!