So it's past Mid-October

Where’s Maggie @JB.Scopely


They said by the end of October… didn’t say which October :wink:


scopely calendar
we are still in july

Yea. Please release Maggie. She’s going to cause havoc!!!

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You haven’t seen the leaks they are releasing her as a s class.

I’m sure still will be a gen 2 command. That will make for some annoying teams.

Latest info.

It would be fantastic if she was a surprise S Class to be claimed in the museum so I would finally have a use for velvet cakes…

Just sayin :wink:

100% dmg 1% bonus hp
To 1.teamates
100% bonus hp and + 999% atk and def to enimies for rest. Of. Macth

Why the fuck does it take one full month to push out ponitess toon?


Buying time isn’t easy.

That said:
“if it ain’t S-Class, it’s crap”

I checked vk and there hasn’t been any leaks of her as s class. (Before I went to school)

6 stars died months ago wooe she give blue hp and commend… we have nik for that also his rush is better

I was joking with Rickey. Sorry.

Lol im losing my humor I kinda believed tho. Scopely loves money from whales.

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