So it's been a good few hours Who has her?


Who got da princess keystrokes


Not worth it.


Not that good, wouldn’t be surprised if she winds up being an event toon somewhere down the road like other previous low selling promos


I mean she may not be god tier like all the other stuff but still useful then most of the garbage they feed us lol I feel like the less op the toon the more luck you got to get but that’s just a theory a game theory


Just wanted to do my League Coin 10 Pull


A tragedy that she is destined to be a low seller, as she is a great character in the comics


I’ll go on record and sound like a complete nerd to say that Princess is my waifu. Her weapon is good with her taunting abilities and she’s one hell of a tank thanks to Indom.

But after #Shieldus10pullgate, I wouldn’t do a 10 pull even if I have enough for several and the chance for a legacy or legendary toon was bumped up to a modest 7%.


Shes underrated for sure. Probably her best setup is in a defense without shield, maybe 2x pricess, no impair mods and dante lead. And you end up keep hitting her, and slowly die by bleeding…


I have her. Shell only end up as my avatar lol.



If i didnt blow my coins not getting duane or yellow erika i might try for the hell of it…

But honestly i currently have 4 6 star green tier 2 or 3 and carl coming up after the 5 dollar purchase and ofc Scopely has been strapping the fuck out my citizen and green 6 star gear for about a month now so i probably would have to pass or she might be waiting for ascend and leveling till she is 100% no longer viable…


Did a single and game crashed looked around saw nothing. Went to ascend spencer that I got from lucky tokens and lookie who was there…


When the game crashes you get screwed or luck out lol


10 pull no luck her taunt seems to slow .She Might be useful on defense but how? If wars keep having %100 attack towers? whelp no more pulls from me.


Almost always add ap on attack but I’m thinking for her with that active I may go for ap on defense. With her indomitable and 40 def on weapon how effective it will be. What you think ap on def or off or something else?


Because of indom, I’ll be decking her out with Ap attack and def. Let the mods do the rest with HP/DEF Jim…


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