So It'a a Full Reset

So it’s safe to say this is officially a reset. I’ve accepted this, so it’s up to people to continue or move on. I will say at least scopely is allowing people to grind towards getting a useful S class over time.

What scopely needs to do is make a plan for creating legacy 6s into S class (lol what a company) and create a universal item that can be used in combination with any 2 of the same max level 6 and turn them into a S class with buffed stats.


2x6* should be enough to create an s class no need for collection items


Personally I don’t like this duplicate 6* idea thats been floating around. Many probably sold off dupes, or used for ascendance fodder, only a small few with have dupes, and even smaller have dupes of Gen2 promo 6*s. It won’t solve the problem for everyone.

It’s not a reset if your progression to this next Class is determined by your actions over the last class/star. The gap will remain in place accordingly. A full reset is to start anew.

The best solution is to open up collection avenues. Completely agree with universal currency.

Needs to start


I think what they meant by milestones are the torches…

They were already in place and there wouldn’t have needed to be a ‘coming soon’ with them. Don’t cover for them! Lol

Start putting direct collectables in there. Get rid of the pointless special energy. You have toons with 5x my stats, I don’t want to be messing around getting roadmap energy for 4 / 11,000




:open_mouth: It worked! Goody goody

Get Parker on the PC! JBoogie out, my guy Parker in!


They’d only put me on to shut me up :joy:


Iv noticed pc members have disappeared from the forum :joy:


Haha they’d shut the 2 of us up with it! To be fair, I’m pretty sure scopely doesn’t listen to any of the other PC either :grimacing::grimacing:


At least here my memes aren’t ignored. I bet the devs won’t allow that there :rofl:


I can also say deIete :smirk:


Yes, Yes it is🤗

They meant to say Ranks i guess, but since they hardly bother playing their own game i don’t think they differentiate between Ranks and Milestone rewards :laughing:

It makes the whole thing pointless. If there is a reason for this reset, it’s that some toons like Zach, Stevens, Wayland etc are completely busted. Those are also the toons where spenders will have duplicates, so we’re immediately back to them, unless they make their S-class much less powerful, and then what’s the point?

Seriously, what they are doing is kinda smart: Milk the super-whales for all they are worth (and in most games there is a handful of players willing to spend hundreds to thousands each week, Let’s face it, people who don’t spend that much were never going to win against those players anyway. The question is whether the super-whales will make up for regular high-spenders being priced out of the market, at least until they have grinded enough collectibles that 1-2 big pulls should get them the character. And that later income depends on having individual S-class toons still relevant in a couple of months, which I can’t see happening because they continue the power creep immediately.

It barely affects mid- and low-level players - in raids, you can just skip the ones with S-class (if it’s not a leader, they are still somewhat beatable with regular toons), and in Arena it’s even easier (though you can score better points if you can beat them). War depends on region and faction matchmaking; with the new wave system they can keep the encounters low so that mostly 6* teams will remain viable for quite a while.

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