So it was bad before, but now

Just wondering if this is officially a gambling site now. It’s always been at least a little more subtle when it comes to the betting aspect of the game, but 3 offers of straight real money/coins for what’s most likely going to be less value in coins than the norm for most?


It’s always been this bad. Only now they’ve got to display the odds.


It’s always been a gambling site


The casino games have less gambling involved than this POS


Scopelys bread and butter is to basically get suckers into shitty offers.
At least it doesn’t have a title like in the past that misleads people into thinking they get something else.


Better odds on a casino game

Completely correct, roulette is a 37:1 odds and you pay as a 36:1. This is so far away from being that close it may as well be considered galactical difference.

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It has turned into a casino.

You are in a worse bucket then me!

Not that I would trust stated odds.

Kinda funny to me how they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. Maybe theyre trying to identify the true addicts so they can target them even more? Painting targets on the addict buckets…smh

For a game, the 99 and 125 coin bags are fine. Or as long as the lowest value prize is worth the money or coin. But for it to get to this point where $100 will likely get you $50 worth of coins is pretty disgusting imo. More predatory offers from our good buddies at scopely.


I just don’t understand why the horrible tactics and low pay outs. Casinos have learned that they MUST allow players to win a certain percentage of the time or they will just stop gambling entirely. That’s why you always see the “96% payout on slots”. That means that you’ll be expected to lose 4% of the money you gamble, but it will be slow enough to provide you with some entertainment while you do it-and you MIGHT just hit it lucky from time to time.

Here, there isn’t real money involved in the payout, but digital items that can be added into the game infinitely. Thus, Scopely actually has NOTHING to lose by increasing odds and playing fewer of these nasty games, yet they do this more than a real casino paying REAL money in their pots.

Why?? Don’t they realize that if they gave better payouts on their wheels they’d almost undoubtedly have FAR more people paying money to spin the wheels? If you expected to get 3 or 4 ascendables per $100, you’d be far more likely to plunk your money down than if you can expect one ascendable every $300-400.

While players MIGHT grab the character they wanted in one large pull rather than multiples, in the long run Scopely is shooting themselves in the foot because MOST players realize just how bad the odds are in this gambling app and choose to play “free”.

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Even the 8k coins for $100 is a rip off, but I could perhaps see the “value” if you had 50% chance for 8k and 50% chance for higher. Instead it is nearly 50% that you will get hosed and get even fewer coins than the previous bad value offer. I just don’t get it either.

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