So is Zach on a timer or not?

I bought yellow Jesus because the timer suggested I wouldn’t have the time to gather the necessary comic even if I signed back up. However, my faction mate has no timer. Which one is correct?

The second picture is correct, the museum is messed up

For my sake I hope so, but for my buddies sake I hope not-_-

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By time they get him he will be out of meta


Exactly if Jesus and Donnie help you I’d get them and then save for next batch

:sob::sob::sob: playing favorites. I see you scopely

It’s a museum bug. Many people have reported this issue with the previous collection.

It‘s a bug in scopelys favour which is the biggest problem and i personally believe it’s add on purpose.

This is nothing more than a ploy to get people to re subcribe to the club. People canceled to get things to change and they are doing this to temp players to come back and forget the bigger problems. Don’t be swayed stay strong stand together for change.
#Players United


I think you overestimate their ability if you truly do believe this…

Yes the 2nd picture is correct. The comics linked characters are all on a timer.

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Basic basic stuff

what a joke

And why are they on timer may I ask?

Because tempting people into trying for a collection that is impossible to achieve is seen as a good way to make money?

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