So is this from now on?

Level up, 1 event, level up then whatever we get for the weekend… why bother


it’s certainly looking that way from here on out

just look at the Calendar

no raids events

just getting back to the older days where they find a niche in the market, the whales gonna buy big and then they go back to damage control on their other games

“working as intended”

There is a raids this week… only real event besides war

Only Sr last week, hordes and war the week before and so on

Thought we were getting a trainer event this week.

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Less Events = Less Rewards = Less Player Progression = Less Reason to Open the App


You forget that exciting event “stretch three”. And “leagues”.

Looks like someone new did the calendar and someone who didn’t know what it meant but was supposed to be in charge of events looked at it and thought “enough on there already, I can disappear home early today”.

No events = no money scopely. Think about that.

Minimum effort maximum profit

Yea this is a HUGE issue. @GR.Scopely we WANT to play this game. No event on Monday and Tuesday is unacceptable. And no, a level up is not an event. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want players to use up their resources and play…


It’s been 8 weeks of this… at bare minimum you’d think they want us to sign in

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All Hands on Deck memo sent out today at scopely, gotta get woc 2 coded correctly, all other game workables are sidelined to 2nd tier until 2020. Keep on Surviving!

why don’t they just chuck an onslaught in or a blitz war during the week. I am sure it isn’t that difficult to press a button and its live. plus people are gonna spend whatever event is ticking away in the background.

Likely because they VERY carefully manage reward distribution.

Controlling/restricting supply makes when it is released more impactful (aka people likely to spend)

That means they only want filler activity… But don’t want to have to pay for it.

Meaning they know which events make money… And only want to release those.



They have added a solo raid event for this week… for now

Yay a short ass solo raid

At least we all have enough refills

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