So, is the Jury in yet on Christa or James, long term?

Or do we still need to wait more time on this one.

I still haven’t selected my James or Christa, since as a small spender I don’t want one of the very few S-class Toons I will likely be able to acquire doesn’t end up just being useless and going to waste.

I have still collected every gold bar and knife etc. though.

I currently only run a Diego lead, which would seem to indicate to get James… But, I’m honestly not real convinced that he’s really good enough that he’ll have long-term staying power on my starting lineup. Honestly, even right now, with just all normal 6*s, it’s hard to find a spot for him, since he really doesn’t DO anything other than attack for a bunch of AOE damage with collateral damage.

Christa on the other hand SEEMS like she will have a lot of utility for a long time. That AR just absolutely crushes single target damage. Plus, active focus+def. down, not to mention the slow and heal reduction on AR. But, mostly the single target damage.

James’s AR could easily get absorbed and healed up in 1 turn, especially once more people have S class Pete and such. Then you’re basically just left with some (solid) bleeds, but unless your team is really set up for bleeds, 600 bleed doesn’t really seem like much of a difference maker.

OTOH, Christa’s AR should be practically guaranteed to get a kill even against toughhhh S classes, unless you’re blasting at something wayyyyy tanked up. And the focus, def down, slow, and heal reduction bonuses will ALWAYS be useful.

However, we haven’t even come close to seeing these toons’ full power yet, so maybe the jury is still out? I am still holding off my selection for at least a few more weeks in any case.


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Christa is a little glitchy. Her Waste not and focus abilities are a bit hit or miss but she does hit hard. She’s still the better pick imo, and I’m hopeful she’ll get fixed soon.

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I’ve got Christa up to 8k damage, and you’re right, her AR crushes at least one, sometimes two enemies at once. I’ve ran ranged teams for forever, so yeah, I got Christa.

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I mean I’ll freely admit I’ve been ruined by a James a time or 2 as well… But I definitely don’t feel that it’s as frequently. Oh and the fact that Christa can hold a stun gun is another big differentiator I think, too.

But my main point here is, which of these toons are you still going to be using and seeing on GOOD teams in 2, 3, 4, 5 months from now?

Neither. Next question?


Wrong. I’ll probably still be using Christa on my main about 3 years from now lol

*Flashes F2P pass*


you don’t think decent teams will have one of these toons on them in 2 months? I think you are a bit negative in that case. The first S Class toons came out many months ago and we’re still not even close to seeing full S-class teams

Maybe in your region…


Definitely not on my region, lol. I think we have roughly 3 S Classes total.

But I’ll be paying attention in CRW tomorrow.

But if anyone did really put 5 together on their team that shit would be trash anyways cuz they don’t go together… I eat double S class Pete teams for breakfast… so…

Double Pete Double Priya and Raulito seems to be a popular setup. Didn’t say it was good lmao.

There is maybe 2 factions worth in my region with 4/5 or full sclass setups

E2A - As ladygeek says, neither Christa or James will have long term usage on meta setups, minimal spenders and f2p will be running whichever they chose for a long time but those are the teams that aren’t generally meta anyway


yea I’ma full miss that. haven’t even seen an S class raulito yet, we got big spenders but not that big.

I still don’t think it means Christa and/or James will be garbo in 2+ months. Especially Christa IMHO, but at the same time we’re a long ways from seeing maxed James n Christy maxed out on Knives

Maybe not garbage but certainly not meta either, both will still be used in 2 months sure, just not in those teams on the cusp of the meta

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If you aren’t in crap league see maxed james and crista all the time. They are both ok but not great. Face it if you keep waiting you will miss the golden time to use them.

well the question here is which is gonna provide more longevity tho nomsayen? obviously we can only guess how fast Scopes is gonna drop more S classes to make them obsolete, but I can see the 750% ownage + side benefits of Christa having top tier uses for a whiiiiile… And possibly the same with James on a sick ass bleed+burn team?

Idk, but one will inevitably last longer (probably much longer) than the other… just… which one?

uhhhh… okayyyyy… you’re so badass you’re in a league of hackers, congratulations…

Or you are new to forums or reading or awareness and havent noticed that in draft arena characters are maxed.

You have diego, James gonna smash it up behind him and Diego is one of the key pieces right now

Attack > Defence everytime so for me the decision would be easy

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lmfaoooo please tell me more about how badass your draft league is

The same as anyone else’s that has crista or james moron in their defense. You must be in bronze or blind.

He is telling the truth, it’s not about hackers they are actually maxed out. People are trying to help you and you’re being condescending towards them.