So is it worth having other accounts in different regions? Skullgate

So i’ve asked this before and now have finally had an answer, it seems that with the new skullgate problem scopely pushed themselves into, players who play exclusively on different regions (such as the famous youtuber Lockdown etc) playing the milestone game to achieve more points/coins legitimately has gone by the wayside.

I for one will go into the long ass boring detail of my position

i started off in my main region, after 3+ years i moved to a more active one to play with my faction buddies who wanted to join WOC … whilst playing i decided my level 50+ account in a random region (Bartow) i would move that into my old region for memories sake.

Whilst i have been using that account for a few years its always been a throwaway account with not getting many 5* etc then 6* came along i really didnt have the time to do much but i have 4 x 6* etc.

we just finished the walkers milestone with the faction and me clocking up over 1500 walker kills, it immediately went to completed with no token …

is there a point that i don’t know of, its not farming coins really is it…

you could say the same about the suvivor club pulls? its multi regional … coin missions, its multi regional

Stop pushing away your player base with silly rules

You can’t take them away with you to your main account

What? You really don’t seem to understand how the game works.

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This thread makes no sense at all

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because you already completed this mission, this is the fix, this is the way it works.

No, you cant.

Famous :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::slight_smile::joy::slight_smile::joy::slight_smile::joy::slight_smile::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


your coins are part of your account, it goes to all regions and beta too

Not on that region I hadn’t. i am in the same faction i have been for many months

I very much do thanks

Interesting topic and unfortunately the 2nd time I’ve heard of this in the last 24h. I play in more than one region and we completed the walker mission yesterday morning in my alt region. I was on at the time and got the token, a factionmate in the alt region wasn’t on and when he went to claim his about 8h later it didn’t arrive. Seems like Scopely applied another patch at some point yesterday.

There was no faction hopping, cheating, exploiting or anything other than pure grinding involved. We played within the longstanding rules as @Clemo81 did yet Scopely have decided to move the goalposts. It’s pretty clear where this once great game is heading :frowning:

How do you play ‘exclusively’ on different regions. Shouldn’t exclusively be just the one?

No, back in the day as in day 1 you were able to open new accounts on different regions, as many as you needed.

i know people before region transfers were a thing that just left behind old regions accounts with decent rosters to start up again a new … its what the game set up.

The point is many players well before all these coin traps came along have been in factions for years now, are playing daily and spending, why cant they also get these benefits

maybe scopely can implement the levels or the age of account and activity so we dont lose out

I was replying to veni. Don’t know why it didn’t show up that way.

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