So is it Scopley goal to drive us to quit?


I mean… those prizes… made 2 people in my own faction quit lol WOW scopely WOW. I cant believe you guys are seriously doing this.


It would be hard for them to be worse.

Red Clem was the third 5 star I got about a year ago. I remember asking about her then and people told me she was no good.


Red chem was my 2nd 5* pull from the wheel. several months after pulling Andrea from premier recruits.

I am hoping that this might mean she will be ascendable soon, as she is really only useful on SR.


The blue Romanov I already have 2 of which a YEAR ago made sense for a 1st prize award. Now, an additional Romanov or Red Clem is just ascendance fodder for the 6*'s. So you want us to compete this weekend and wsste resources on ascendance fodder, stupid milestones and the raid event is Prestige tokens which you get 4*'s over 90% of the time. Wow! You are trying to drive people away. Spending tons of hours and $ on this game almost 2 years and now those toons don’t amount tp anything but turning them in as 6* ascendance fodder is ridiculous. 2 months ago I had a proud roster and in the top faction of my region, now it is very mediocre because I have only decided to ascend a couple characters. Grinding away to collect resources to ascend 3 more and everyone in my faction is the same way. You Scopely have lost all reality and control of your game and it is sad.



You’re the minority, literally there are thousands playing this game.


Everybody is not on the forum, 30/30 of my fac is thinking about the game like all complainer