So is it better to pull on 5* token pull or do multiple pulls

See my single pulls so far have sucked. Was wondering if it be better to do multiple pulls from the 5* token. Would like your guys input. Thanks

Im holding off for a while. That way my anguish can be multiplied.


Don’t bother. The chances for pulling an ascendable are pretty low and none of the 5-stars are worth a damn anymore unless your relatively new.

Sit on them until you run out of Bennedicts and actualy need to ascend a toon otherwise your just wasting roster space.

In terms of what you get, it makes literally no difference. The probabilities don’t change when you do multiple pulls at the same time.

Pull as and when you need toons for levelling, as that’s really all the wheel is good for. I’ve seen no difference in single/ multiple pulls, despite trying both methods. The odds of obtaining an ascendable are abysmal. If I relied solely on tokens, I would’ve pulled my first Tyreese a week ago. Thank goodness the depo exists.


I see that many speak without knowing, the best way to open the pulls, according to SCIENTIFIC and empirical bases is:
A Large Amount, because if you open one by one, you are disappointed many times, but instead if you open a large amount of once, you disappoint only once


You make a valid point :joy:

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Having a hard time getting ascendables lol. Like no matter which way I turn. I feel like some have better luck outcomes than others. Like almost like "oh you will get 25 oercent chance og ascendables and you…none. lol

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You might have a bit of good luck and pull an ascendable in a few pulls. I’ve seen luck on these forums and for myself.

Give this man a beer

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The answer to this question will be clearer once they release the next ascendable list. Perhaps many will be from the 5* wheel.

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and “The List” jaajajajaajaja

Isnt that so tempting to pull those lol

It’s best to pull (higher qty the better) while In the bath tube (full) holding your toaster (plugged in) and toasting bread. You get what you want sweeten the deal with toast in the tub, if you don’t…

… Put the toaster down (outside the tub) and wash the filth away. Then get out of the bath tub and don’t eat the toast out of spite.

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I’m still chasing Carl :upside_down_face:


Been there. Every time Hershel pops up I will throw a couple of single pulls at him. Out popped the 6-star version of Carl. He’s not Hershel but how can you complain when it’s another great toon.

Hope your luck changes.

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Thanks. Lol yeah my luck is the pitts. One day…one day lol

It’s not so much our bad luck as really crappy odds. Only a 1% for something good.

The only thing to do is keep trying. Maybe we will see him up in a contest soon. I wouldn’t mind. I got teammates looking for Carl as well. For the ones who have him we can stock up on more gear.

I have fac mates who do single pulls or big ones and get some good ones lately or ascended to get glenn on second try. I am on my 10th attempt lol. I do what I can and keep surviving lol.

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I have been saving and doing 10 pulls. They last two times, so 20 characters together, I have gotten none that can be ascended. To add insult to injury, the second pull had several doubles from the first. One or two of them might be worth leveling but for the most part they have all been crap.