So im short to do 40 pull

So im short(like 3k coins from do it)and what you think who is better to pull for Dissarm(i dont have any bcs i was unfortunaly afk in last 1 week),Human shield like Jesus(i only have koa with deff down weapon) , Decapitate or Revive?(Already have 3)

And what is better do 1 big 40 pull or few 10 pulls?

Buy the 10750 coin offer and you’ll soon be able to do 2 40 pulls. You’ll probably get 1 of each toon you seek. Please let us know the results.

Defense is overrated. Plus there are several F2P revives that have been released. Focus attack, probably disarm helps you the most.

I highly doubt you’ll pull any useful toon. :sunglasses:


I’m with way2real don’t get your hopes up of getting the desired toon, many on here are on a 400+ pull losing streak, personally I don’t pull anymore because of rng and will spend them on cans or a guaranteed toon if one comes available that I want

If you are going to pull go offensive imo so Alice lead or a disarm, disarm is a game changer

Always disarm > everything else

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When in doubt always pull for an attack toon, def are overrated… you’ll get much farther quicker with a good attack team

There’s only two toons worth pulling for right now. Alice and Diego. Just wait for them to come back. Dale is a close third.

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If you have no disarm that’s a must but as far as just regular premieres atm that are game changers definitely alice, Diego and dale. Even 1 of those 3 will drastically change your attack speed and success.

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40 pull is the best deal coin/value wise

try for disarming Harper.


If a offer for Louis or any disarm comes up grab him.


Put Harper on that list and I completely agree with you

Definitely a Disarm.

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