So, I'm Back After 3 Months, Have Things Changed?

So, I last posted on the RTS forum 3 months ago, I sent my entire roster to the depot & although I have been playing on a new account starting from scratch, I have only been playing in moments of boredom & purely as a free player.

My new account has been invited to a top faction in the region, this would mean becoming more dedicated again.

So, question is, is the game more fun at the top end now, or is it still the daily grind for next to nothing that I should avoid at all costs.

Avoid the game, it’s worse than ever


Your 3 m/o account has been invited to the region’s top faction but you’re F2P? Is it a new region?

Not much has changed yet, but I think most are cautiously hopeful. The #playersunited movement has pushed Scopely to more promises. It’s a waiting game to see how genuine they are, but the demands of the movement, should they be met, will greatly improve the experience of the game.

It has gone downhill in 3 months tbh. One example is now we compete for WD tokens, even placing 1st in all events you can get nothing from it as it is rng seashells, beachballs or sombreros and 10k is needed for a toon. Some events like war, the only end game event, people were locked out of their accounts all war and then some. The OP toons have not stopped. Etc. Etc. Etc. I am sure you are aware of scopely being scopely and nothing has changed, we started this #PlayersUnited movement, no spending till the game is fixed and improvements made but even after a “promise” letter, things are still the same, buggy events, lower odds on the wheel, op promos, etc. If you nuked, tbh, you are free my friend! I do hope this game gets better and #PU is strong and we arnt letting up!


collections that require hordes with people being.locked out and then hordes cancelled, meaning hard to complete.

non toc have only 2 wars, making getting collections hard to complete, people getting locked out of war and the game

crazy OP toon, s class super sayian toons with super stats

no legacy

no farmable gear


The good news is that they have promised to tell us what they promise to fix, so we are all on tenderhooks as to whether they’ll break their promise to promise things, or just break the promises themselves. The excitement is enough to keep anyone hooked.

Seriously though, I can already see the cracks in the movement. People are still spending so the incentive to make changes is dwindling daily. Probably why they’re stalling so much - to see if the players get bored and distracted by some shiny new premier toon

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It is yes, it’s locked as well so can’t transfer, can’t even start fresh in any other region. Just Williamson.

Yeah, I saw Alberts letter 2.0

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I love that this has become the meme. @GR.Scopely is well on his way to being part of rts folklore


It’s worse. The grind is longer, rewards are harder to get (think: lvl up and raid rewards are now rng pulls), and bugs are more frequent.

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They released a 7 star. That is a warning in itself.


In summary you get punished for aring toons. And you slowly kill your team one by one


Run as far as you can from this game. You dont wanna fall back into the hole

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Save yourself.

The gambling got much worse.


Seriously? I haven’t seen that.

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“s class” they call it

As above^, they just called it “S class” instead of 7 star

Scopely are currently milking their new cash cow, star trek, and are feeding us just enough bs to get away with taking little or no action while ignoring us and allowing everything you hate about the game to get worse.

Dedication at this point is foolish imo

Need 6-12 months for real change and to walk in almost like its a fresh game.

But even then you should run.

I know im weak at times and wanna play and sit around occasionally daydreaming of a Scopely that cared and took care of a game like this and id be happy throwing my time and money at it…

But its them dude.

Personal sanity will prevail if you watch this shitshow from the outside.

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