So if you set a good defence you lose at arena?

So I set a s11+ defence… People beat that defence for 8k points but since they only set an s7-s10 defence its impossible to score the same.

Well done another broken game mode.


Yap yap yap, that’s right

Yeah, this was discovered in beta but I guess it wasn’t changed for the live version.

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I dont think it works that way, it scores you off the highest team grade that you can make with your toons. You can set a team of all Benedicts but since your highest defense you can make is s11+ then your benedict team still gives out points for s11+

I only had low defenses to face and was only able to score low points.

I just put up a very weak defense to return the favor.

Figured it out. It’s based on your highest team grade so if you have a strong roster {read Pete} and are in a low division like diamond 1 you might as well just fuck this whole thing off cos your going to be matched with s10+ and you won’t get as many points as them.

Actually that’s fooking awesome! You as a spender are helping no spenders… Thanks to people like you (who set S10++ teams) we (f2p) are rocking!

Thanks for your team S11+.

Did the exact same thing

Kind of but it’s based on you actually making the team 1x. Then it saves the highest grade.

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