So if the daily max FA tickets is 1850, what happens if I buy the offer for 12,500 tickets?

See below from @JB.Scopely. If the max purchase/won ticket allowance is 1850 tickets, what happens if I buy the package for 12,500 tickets? Are any tickets purchased above 1850 a waste?

They’ll go to faction total not player total, or at least they’ll count outside the cap, like the 500 in offers.



A factionmate of mine bought it and now has 13k as his daily amount.

Yeah looks like there’s a separate counter for the 1350 daily and the ones obtained from offers.

Basically payers can gain 10x the amount of daily Tix as f2p… Great event

To not remove the cap is straight stupid

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Yeah, was confused a bit after seeing JB say “up to 1850 total per day”.

It’s a faction event. Purchasers don’t gain an individual advantage, it’s all for the faction.

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*buys tickets for faction
*gets kicked from faction

I can see it now lol


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