So if not rolling back accounts that gets 8 Mia and 2 s class toons shat should I get

Not to mention they sill get lot of collections items for other S class , what should I get scopley as a player who didn’t get anything.
I think one ascendable mia and Jiafang to my inbox will be fair


I didn’t get anything and I’m not upset. Good for those that did by being active at crucial times of these gates. Players arnt responsible for taking advantage of opportunities that are presented

This game should be called: Road to Opportunities


Choice box.

Either containing 1,100 keys / cones / cakes etc


Pick a toon

Mia / Priya etc


True if this was a PVE game. But being mostly PVP, they just got an advantage over you and everyone else


He is a moron or he is one of the people that got the coins . One or the other

Wtf I am sitting on 92 coins for days , no videos no nothing bro .

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I’m talking about @Marlboro he don’t want a rollback because he probably benefited from the coins

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