So I went to a few different regions and used a few free premier pulls

This is just some proof that the free survivors club pulls are not rigged…

I’m still not subscribing though, 25 bucks is too much for my small wallet.


Yea yesterday I singled 6* Connie and Jessie, just not on either of my 3 relevant accounts lol

Got crap with a side of crap in all 10 regions I’m in with all my pulls

Got Jesus and some other good 6 stars doing this lol

No evidence for this claim, but in my experience the odds are a lot better for low level accounts. Almost like the want to lure people in with the first one being free. Like crack :thinking:

At least you took advantage of the free pulls before the free trial ends. Nice pulls. Didn’t get anything good through the beta regions when it was in there.

Over 50 regions and not one of them 5 star accendable or 6

Tried 10 regions all 4* with those pulls and the free rts pull

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