So.. I saw something interesting(New Rise to Power Rick)

@kalishane I was wondering how one would obtain a Rick so quickly in the Rise to Power Event? I saw this in
the McIntosh region in a FA farming faction. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

He looks legit to me

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Totally, he must have ascended from a 3*


Totally legit at prestige 4. Why are we even questioning this? Cough, sarcasm, cough. Must be very dedicated.


He used that new feature scopely added with the

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you can buy tokens from the store? Shoot and here I have been waiting patiently on when I’m going to acquire more cause the leaderboard doesn’t explain anything in the game and how my region choose the saviors as our group? I dont recall a poll within region to choose what they wanted. This game sucks soo hard now.

My mistake I checked and you can’t buy any from the store. Only death balloons. That guy is on to something to get that or it’s probably Photoshop to troll everyone.

No, it’s a legit screenshot from someone in McIntosh.

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Hopefully Rick is attainable by simply doing the roadmaps/milestones. Don’t want to be short because my stupid realm comes in 4th every week.


Figure even with the worst luck every week the minimum will be 300 coins so as long as we get 500 from the milestones and roadmaps we are good to go for Rick. Really hate how they tease us with turning in 100 sets this week when it’s gonna be like 10 at best and couple that with the 80+ pulls for the 2nd stash at 375 a pull and that is just insulting.


So if my realm came in 4th for the whole 4 weeks, it’ll cost 1200 coins to be able to pull for Rick?



How much is it going to cost to get Ricks cool looking knife?
On average?

1st place in all realms + all roadmaps + all milestones + a good 8200 coin package for those measley crates is my best guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah its from the faction ‘farming FA tokens’… Leaders a pos, probably owns that toon as well. Cheaters cheat though, banning IP’s should be a thing.

FYI this is the player switched lead along with faction(farming faction assault shit, probably cheating away) along with the rest of the scumbags.

There’s a few guys in dekalb region with that Rick also. Was wondering how they came by him myself.

They started selling the RTP tokens in crates this morning, but you can only buy 10 crates.

Its a shame he had this char 2 days ago at least, possibly more but it was noticed a few days ago.

I saw this picture in another post yesterday. Then later the person in the pictures was gone