So I guess they removed the whole "no duplicates" thing

Title says it all…


When did they ever have a no duplicates thing?


They never once said anything about removing duplicates. Where do people come up with these things


Same here brother

No duplicates was dead in the water ever since people had 3 small war pulls and pulled 67 Kals

If I remember correctly they supposedly reduced it, but it clearly isn’t reduced.

They never said that either reducing or stopping duplicates has never been promised

Yes they have, I’ve seen them say they were getting reduced but this was around when 6 stars were in the early stages.

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This is what you are probably refering to. Around the time 6* came out one of the updates includes some coding to limit or res fe the amount of duplicates for wheela. Dash even explains how the system works in this thread. So yes at one point they did state they were implementing ways to reduce the chance of duplicates. Not remove the chance but reduce the chance.

I don’t know if this is still in place but when I did 40 pulls of the updated 5* wheel I go several dupes in a 10 pulls and within those 40 pulls I got at least 4 character minimum of 3 times

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Ok well show me cause I’ve never seen it I have looked through everything multiple times. I’d be willing to bet you wont find it anywhere

Nothing in this statement says you wont get duplicates anymore which is what this post was about. Decreased odds are entirely different than “No Duplicates”


Yes. Everyone who says there is supposed to be no duplicates is completely wrong. They reduced the chances of them 2 years ago, never promised to remove duplicates. People often misunderstood this whole reduced duplicates system and took that it meant no duplicates. People often remember things wrong and often let false memory shape what they think the truth is. @RedReaper’s comment is correct though.


You literally just proved my point. I said reduced duplicates, I never said they said there would be no more dupes. My first statement was saying they didn’t remove them but they did reduce them.

Also I found that thread by searching “duplicate pulls” It was the 5th thread that showed up

You literally didnt read the post he said no duplicates and I said that was never said

And I made a friendly reply making sure you knew the whole story and why they would have thought this.

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I pulled 3 marlon and rose.
Wtf am I to do with that.

Hire a dog walker?


Oh hell.they have they have sayed this multiple times to remove the duplicates and even promissed each 40pull on premier was a quarenteed pull

Dude if the odds of pulling a dupes was 50% before and they moved it to 49% that’s still reduced. This is how they get away with saying they’ve done good things and pretty much nothing changes.