So i got S class Priya

she’s my first S class if we dont count Christa and Kapoor, im very happy cuz she is 100% f2p and very useful for me. Now I plan to go for Princess but I’m not sure, I don’t have Pete and I have 0% defensive power, I have a Laopo 6 stars too. What should I do ?


Im going for pete, Raulito. Than Priya. I already got raulito’s non s so Im gonna get him to 90 and get more keys for pete.

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It sort of depends where you and your competitors are. If you’re at the top end of a Wave 1A region, Pete is probably a good shout. Can’t do much on attack if you’re burning.

But that said, Pete isn’t unbeatable and having rolled out a maxed Priya this war, I regret focusing on Pete first. Attack is always best choice.

If you think you can get princess - she’s P2W as far as this event is concerned but maybe not long term - I’d go for her

Forget defense if you ftp. Go full out for offense. You going to die either way, score some good points before you do.


I agree. I ran a Priya led offense on defense with some success before I got Pete. Stick to offense and swap your support for tanks on defense.

If you can make her really offensive, she can be part of an offensive def team.

Offence is best defence, mic drop :sunglasses:

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I went pete first since he would be quickest to levelup & finish. I just finished priya & im about to pick up 1 aarav.

I have S-Class laopo next is raulito so that my team set up will be Raulito, James, Kapoor, Laopo and magna

I’m like you. Got Priya first, but now I’m going for Aarav or Raulito. My plan is to put Aarav on defense (see below)

For defense Priya can work. My DEFENSE is Priya lead, Christa, command maggie with 8% weapon, command Siddiq, Michelle with 8% weapon. With this method, your Priya or Christa (maybe both!) can go off first round. The idea is that your not trying to defend, but to kill off 1 or 2 of their guys so you take less camp damage in war.

If you had another yellow command, you can swap Siddiq for that and replace Michelle with a guardian or something. My plan is to put Aarav on defense with a 8% weapon, then Priya, Christa, or maybe Aarav can do the damage.

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Seen aarav go turn 1 w doc teams, takes out 2 rows…

So happy for you!!! Congrats! I know that feeling! Its bliss! Knowing you can stand on your own 2 feet against other players feels good. Congrats! Screenshot_2018-10-27-08-36-38-1

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